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The integrated system for managing professional activities of home inspectors

Based on the AIBQ standard of practice, it allows the production of an inspection report in a rapid, efficient manner and in accordance with the most recognized standard of practice in the industry in Quebec.

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Thanks to its simple and user-friendly interface, easily classify and find the report you are looking for. Thanks to its search engine specially adapted to the structure of the AIBQ standard of practice, it allows you to classify your findings by section, sub-section, report type or key words. You can also easily find the report you are looking for thanks to the integrated images without having to read the text of the report.


Vesta offers a user-friendly and ergonomic interface that guides you through the process of generating the report. Thanks to its visual guides, and its clearly illustrated icons, you will quickly create professional reports that will meet the expectations of your customers, while ensuring that you have not left anything out.

No more long hours adjusting the layout of your report, adding images, generating the table of contents, etc. With a single click, you will generate a professional-style report.


Reports produced by Vesta are fully customizable and can be adjusted to your standards and corporate signature.

Functions such as:

  • full color and personalized title page

  • adjustable footer and header

  • integration of your company logo

  • generation of partial report for expert reports

  • customization of report icons

  • malleablereport structure

will allow you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and allow you to offer a unique relationship to your customers. View a sample report produced with the application.


Vesta was designed with efficiency in mind. As a home inspector, you probably want to spend more time with your customers doing inspections, rather than sitting at your computer writing a report.

Vesta is, among other things:

  • an innovative graphical interface allowing you to create your report from your photos.

  • a detailed roadmap system that helps structure your report and make it easier for your client to read.

  • reuse of findings, description of components, limitations, general statements, inspection method used... with a simple click of the mouse.

  • advanced search engine within your bank of findings.

  • advanced classification engine for the photos of your inspection allowing you to quickly find the photo you are looking for or mark photos with problems to include in your report.

  • click and drag photos directly into the reports from your camera's memory card, your computer's hard drive, or from a web page.

  • a bank of classified and indexed findings, which is enriched over the course of your practice.

  • findings allowing the integration of illustrations, predefined subtitles and texts previously translated into French and English.

Our objective:


Minimize text entry and produce a quality report in record time.

           INTEGRATED                 MANAGEMENT OF     YOUR PRACTICE

Vesta allows integrated management of your practice and offers functions such as:

- a contact management system (buyers, sellers, broker, entrepreneurs, etc.)

- a complete database of documents specific to the inspections carried out. These documents may include, among other things, the service agreement, the performance certificate, the invoice, the report transmitted, and all other documents relating to a given inspection.

- a centralized database of photos relating to an inspection

- produce your income and tax (GST / QST) reports directly from Vesta

- calculate the mileage made during your inspections


Although Vesta is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, we understand that not everyone is equally comfortable with navigating a computer. We are working hard to provide you with video tutorials that will help you get the most out of your application.

If some questions remain unanswered, our bilingual support service will be happy to help you in the language of your choice.


Vesta was designed by home inspectors, for home inspectors.

As we know the context in which the application is used very well, we are constantly making improvements to make it even more efficient and better suited to everyday practice.

Thanks to its integrated update function, you will have regular access to new features.

Do not hesitate to send us your feature suggestions.

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